Investment and financial planning services

LFWM creates investment portfolios, including bespoke offerings designed to meet medium and long term objectives while complementing the financial planning process.

Our goal is not only to grow your assets but also to preserve the wealth that you have created.

When determining an investment strategy, each client’s objectives and attitude to risk is considered, along with their wider financial position.

LFWM follows a strict investment process which incorporates:

  • Attitude to risk
  • Asset allocation
  • Investment selection
  • Cost analysis
  • Ongoing review

LFWM aims to produce well diversified portfolios that aim to generate consistent risk adjusted returns. A multiplicity of asset classes are used in the creation of portfolios, including:

  • Cash
  • Equities
  • Fixed interest
  • Property
  • Alternatives

Individual investments are then selected within each area taking into account numerous geographical regions, sectors and styles to create an overall portfolio.

The selected assets are blended together forming a portfolio which is monitored on an ongoing basis by our investment committee.

Each individual client’s portfolio is continually reviewed to ensure that it is not only performing as expected but that the assets held remain suitable to their risk tolerance levels. Clients’ portfolios will periodically need rebalancing to bring their assets back into line with the original asset allocation. Please note permission will be required from the client before any rebalancing to your portfolio can commence.