Investment property issues are complex and legislation is always changing. We’ll keep you one step ahead.

Whether you’re a large property investment business, a property developer or a landlord, you’ve never had more strategic and structural options available to you in an ever-changing landscape. By choosing a specialist property accountant, you can maximise your return on investment and avoid costly errors.

Our team of specialist property accountants has decades of experience advising property, real estate and construction clients. We’ll keep you up to date on the latest market changes and provide intelligent, full-service solutions for your portfolio, including:

  • Designing tax-efficient ownership structures for your commercial or residential properties
  • Assessing potential acquisitions and securing funding
  • Tax compliance and planning for VAT, ATED, SDLT and capital allowances
  • Advising on the disposal of properties and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) implications
  • Full accounting, audit and back-office services

Real estate investment fund accountants

We’re one of the few firms with specialist expertise in real estate and hotel investment funds, including our dedicated outsourcing solutions for asset managers to handle all aspects of accounting and tax compliance. Learn more.

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