Corporate business disaster recovery services

Within Lubbock Fine's corporate recovery arm, we operate on the basis that prevention is the safest cure. Insolvency and liquidation are very much the last resort; a dramatic and final turn of events is not the inevitable outcome for all ailing businesses.

In the majority of cases where a struggling business is saved, time has been a crucial factor. The sooner problems are identified and addressed, the sooner the appropriate financial and management resources can be installed to achieve a turnaround. If you think that there may be a problem, there probably is.

Lubbock Fine provide constructive and practical advice. Banks are prepared to go the extra mile if they can see that the company and its professional advisors have put forward a carefully considered and realistic plan to ensure the business’s survival. All our initial meetings are held in confidence and are free of charge to you and your client.

In the unfortunate circumstances where the company cannot be saved, Lubbock Fine is able to arrange a meeting of creditors to place the company into creditors’ voluntary liquidation or administration or agree a voluntary arrangement to achieve the best possible solution.