Specialist accountants for owner managed businesses

The firm’s client base has been historically linked to owner-managed businesses. Advising in the areas of accounting, tax, auditing and business advice, we recognise the unique challenges they face and we not only focus on maximising business profits but also on how, over the longer term, sufficient provision can be made for the family.

Providing support to entrepreneurs, we have vast experience in advising our clients through the growth of their businesses, from start-ups to exit planning, while providing inventive and realistic tax solutions to issues arising along the way.

Our services range from audit and tax to outsourcing and succession planning. All are structured to add value and make business life as painless as possible, allowing management to focus on the core of their business rather than spend an inordinate amount of time working on the tedious minutiae. We are always mindful of medium to long-term personal and commercial objectives, structuring tailored solutions centred on meeting clients’ needs.

For owner-managed businesses, maximising business value and preserving family wealth are typically the overriding financial objectives. We can help our clients achieve this through a range of services designed to meet heavy administrative, regulatory and taxable burdens.

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We have published a wide range of factsheets on tax and other business matters, many of which are relevant to owner-managed businesses. Click here to see a list of all factsheets available and to download them.