Lubbock Fine over the years


We were delighted to speak to our clients, current and former partners, and colleagues to hear about their experience at Lubbock Fine.


Client reflections

Stephen Pack - East City Investments Limited

 "Lubbock Fine has looked after the Sheinmans' financial affairs for over 60 years and we’re now a third generation client. In the early days, the firm advised what was a small family business which, amongst other activities, manufactured skirts in Hackney. Over the years we've grown into a large building and property group. The hands-on advice from first, Carl Fine and then David Levy, was instrumental in the development of the business. More recently, Mark Turner and Neil Williams have led the team, continuing the firm’s close relationship with the family. Between them they know more about the business and its history than some of the directors. We value their help and advice."

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If you had invested £1,000 in 1929, what would it be worth now?

The Great Depression of 1929 was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialised world. It lasted a full ten years.

Black Thursday on 24th October 1929, was a day when a record 12.9 million shares were traded. Five days later, it got even worse when 16 million shares were traded resulting in Black Tuesday. 

But if your parents or grandparents had been brave enough to invest £1,000 for you in 1929, how would you have fared? Click here to find out.

Partners' reflections

Pankaj Shah

"Having qualified as a certified accountant with a smaller firm, I joined Lubbock Fine in June 1977 with a clear intent to move on and progress as part of a larger organisation. After a year at Lubbock Fine I was asked by the then managing partner, Philip Fine, what I wanted to do and I told him I would be moving on as, whilst I enjoyed the variety of the work, I didn’t think I could progress with the firm. The then senior partner, Stanley Prashker, convinced me that it would be possible to climb the ladder so I signed a training contract and qualified as a Chartered accountant in 1982, under the mentorship of Anthony Sober. I was admitted as the first Indian partner in 1985."

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Looking back at tax

If we could travel back in tax as well as time, what would we find? Doubtless some of the same problems that governments face today, but we’d also find a system in rather different shape from the one we have now.

By the time Lubbock Fine was opening the doors to its first clients, the tax system had come a long way since William Pitt the Younger introduced an income tax (top rate 10%) on incomes over £60 to pay for the Napoleonic Wars. Click here to read more.

Firm Reflections

Over the years, things really have changed immeasurably. In these more complex times, no one would think of establishing their own practice immediately after qualifying, as Harry Lubbock did. These days we even pay our graduate and non-graduate trainees rather than demanding that they pay us for the privilege.

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Former partners' reflections

Jeff Gitter

"When I joined the firm nearly 44 years ago, there wasn’t a computer to be seen. We used paper, pencils and calculators (the best equipment available at the time) although quill pens had already gone the way of the Daily Herald! So I have to say that the biggest change in my time was going from that to current technology. These days I only use a pen to sign rare letters and that’s if I can’t send an email."

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Team reflections

Shoma Chakraborty - Business Services Group

"I vividly remember my interview back in September 1997. My appointment with Jeff Gitter was delayed after I took the wrong turn at Angel station! I called to say that I was running late and hoped that Jeff would be understanding. The rest is history. Much has changed in the last 21 years. We've moved offices and gone paperless….or at least, almost. And I’m not complaining about now having two computer screens."

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