Lubbock Fine are finalists for 2023 Engage Awards

Lubbock Fine, 18 September 2023

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We are elated to share the fantastic news that we have been chosen as finalists for the 2023 Engage Awards in the category of "Best Employee Wellbeing Strategy." This important recognition comes on the heels of our recent nomination for two Business Culture Awards.  

Our steadfast focus on team well-being is a core part of who we are as a firm. In recent years, initiatives like our Smart Working Policy and our comprehensive Health & Wellness Programme have become more than just policies; they've acted as catalysts for meaningful change. These initiatives have made tangible improvements in the working lives of team LF, shaping a work environment rich in resilience, openness, and happiness. This focus on well-being has not only enhanced job satisfaction but has also naturally elevated productivity and the quality of service we offer to our clients as we strive to redefine exceptional. 

Congratulations to all the finalists. We're looking forward to sharing the spotlight with other notable organisations at the awards ceremony on Tuesday, 28th November 2023. 

Robert Morley, COO of Lubbock Fine says ‘To be nominated as a finalist for the ‘Best Employee Wellbeing Strategy’ at the 2023 Engage Awards is a testament to our firm’s ongoing commitment towards supporting our team, both in a professional and personal capacity. We recognise that empowering our employees is at the core of fostering positive relationships that power client satisfaction.’  

Karen Foot, Head of People adds ‘We are both honoured and humbled to receive such esteemed recognition for LF's Wellbeing Strategy. It is indicative of our unwavering commitment to prioritising the health and happiness of our team. Our approach to wellbeing goes beyond a strategy to being a culture of care, and we are all proud to be part of an organisation that values and places the wellbeing of its employees above all else. Together we have been able to create a workplace where people thrive and that's the ultimate reward.’