We are always grateful to clients for giving us testimonials. Below is a selection of what some of our clients say about us.

"Lubbock Fine has looked after the Sheinmans' financial affairs for over 60 years and we’re now a third generation client. In the early days, the firm advised what was a small family business which, amongst other activities, manufactured skirts in Hackney. Over the years we've grown into a large building and property group. The hands-on advice from first, Carl Fine and then David Levy, was instrumental in the development of the business. More recently, Mark Turner and Neil Williams have led the team, continuing the firm’s close relationship with the family. Between them they know more about the business and its history than some of the directors. We value their help and advice." Stephen Pack - East City Investments Limited 

"I was first introduced to Lubbock Fine in October 1985 when they were still at Bedford Row. Initially, I was looked after by a procession of two partners (one after the other) but the late David Levy was always in the background as a guiding hand. During that time, Pankaj Shah was a manager and I recognised that he was doing most of the work. When the partner responsible for our business left the firm, David Levy said that he would assign us to an alternative one but I told him that I wanted Pankaj. David pointed out that Pankaj wasn’t yet a partner but I didn’t care because he is exceptional. From that day onwards, he and his team have taken brilliant care of us. He's very clever, very astute and really knows what he is doing, with client care at the forefront of his mind. My experience with the firm has been absolutely fantastic. I love dealing with Lubbock Fine. I feel comfortable, very reassured and I know we are in good hands." Moty Nachshon - Managing Director, Blue Clothing 

"My firm has been advised by Lubbock Fine on accounting, audit and tax matters for over 30 years. While there have been several changes of personnel during that time, our long and happy association is the result of one constant – their diligent attention to our best interests." Rex Newman - Partner, Wallace LLP 

"I became a client of Lubbock Fine in 1958 when the partner in charge of my business was Stanley Prashker. Whilst the partners have changed over the years to Anthony Sober and now Rohit Majithia, the service has gone from great to excellent, which is why I have been loyal to the firm for the last 61 years. In my line of work, having the best available professional support and advice has, from time to time, proved invaluable. Happy birthday Lubbock Fine!" Tommy Steele - Actor, Singer, Entertainer 

"We have enjoyed a great relationship with Lubbock Fine ever since we set up our business in 1999. In the early 2000's, David Levy used to give us excellent advice as we had an annual post audit review with him. We now work closely with Mark Turner and his team who continue to offer us sound advice. We see Lubbock Fine as trusted advisors and thoroughly enjoy working with them. The four founding partners consider Mark a friend as much as an advisor." Martin Phillips - Founding Partner, Leathwaite 

"Jeff [Gitter] saved my business from an early bath when a startup bookkeeper, on the same East London support programme as us, disappeared. Our books were later discovered behind the shutters of an empty shop in Leytonstone. We never looked back, except of course when Jeff advised us to.

It's extraordinary how Lubbock Fine has always seemed exactly the right size for us over the years as we grew - and a great testament to an approach that puts personal attention and service first. We're now much more complex as a business, with overseas subsidiaries, international VAT obligations, and all the headaches that come with modern digital markets. There's often a bit of head-scratching, but always solid and dependable advice.

In brief, working with Jeff and the Lubbock Fine team has seemed much more of a partnership over the years, and I am confident that will continue in to the future. And on a personal note it's great to have outlasted Jeff. He deserves a lot of thanks for the fact that we have." Paul Sanders - Founder, The State51 Music Group 

"Osibisa 50th Anniversary is this year which co-incides with when we appointed Lubbock Fine. There’s a reason why we’ve never felt it necessary to change to a different firm and that’s because we get bespoke and thoughtful advice. We always were, and still are, confident that we’re in the best hands." Teddy Osei - Musician, Saxophone Player, Bandleader - OSIBISA

"Sheargold has been a client of Lubbock Fine for over 20 years during which time the firm has assisted us in a range of specialist areas covering both corporate and personal affairs. The fast paced nature of our business means that we require an exceptional level of service, which Lubbock Fine has consistently delivered. We have found every department to be responsive, ensuring all matters are dealt with professionally. As our company has grown and ventured in to new territories, Lubbock Fine has tailored its service to suit our needs and, as a result, their people led by Pankaj Shah, have become an extension of our team." Nitin Mehta FCCA - Managing Director, Sheargold Limited 

"We are now a second generation client of Lubbock Fine’s, my father Jack Perry first became a client many years ago. The reasons we’ve stuck with the firm are many and varied. You start off in any professional relationship trying to establish whether the needs of your organisation can be met by your advisor. Once that capability is established, you become increasingly involved with each other and a more personal relationship develops. Trust and respect are what underpins our relationship with Lubbock Fine. That and the fact that our main business is conducted with China and it’s rare to find a professional advisor with a thorough understanding of that complex market." Stephen Perry - Chairman, London Export Group 

"Stefan: Coming from New Zealand in 1988, I had some double taxation issues. Through my NZ accountant, I found Lubbock Fine in Bedford Row and have been a client ever since. 

Anna: Setting up our own business in 1994, the firm helped with structuring everything properly. That help has continued over a quarter of a century and is fundamental to our success. They’re terrifically supportive and full of interesting ideas that we’d never have thought of. Tax and accounting isn’t our natural territory!

Stefan: Pre-1994, I had a number of tricky issues around trading in New Zealand and then with my domicile for tax purposes. That’s where the firm’s advice really paid off. We now consolidate all of our private and business finances through Lubbock Fine and Lubbock Fine Wealth Management.

Anna: We’ve known a number of the firm’s partners over the years and always kept in touch with Mushtak Macci who had dealt with our personal tax. What a dear and knowledgeable man who we wish the best in his retirement. The relationship goes from strength to strength as we now tackle Making Tax Digital and continue taking advice in the tax, accounting and wealth management areas. Lubbock Fine has been, and is, the perfect one-stop-shop." Anna and Stefan Lipa - Directors, Stefan Lipa Consultancy 

"As a family, we instructed Walker Newman and Pollard in the late 1950s, having met John Pollard whilst on holiday in Torquay.

We eventually moved from London to Torbay in the early 1960s and stayed with, what by then, was Walker Newman Samuels. In the early 1970s, we sold The London Cleaning Business (Industrial Cleaners Ltd) to Sir Michael Ashcroft and in 1972, Walker Newman merged their practice into Lubbock Fine. Over all that time and up until the present day, we have had continual professional and personal service, and sound advice, from first, the late Alan Cushnir, and now from Russell Rich." David Lowen - Director, Cleaning Services Limited

"Our family has been LF clients for more than 50 years during which time we have benefitted from their very helpful and professional advice and expertise on all aspects of our personal and business affairs (especially on taxation matters). We continue to recommend the practice to friends and acquaintances." Raymond Laren - Director, Laren Consultants 

"I first met Jeff Gitter in 1985 when he helped us set up our law firm. For over 30 years Jeff and Lubbock Fine have been a steady point of reference for me.
Jeff and I have now both passed on the reins to the next generation but I will always be grateful to him for helping us as our business grew from 5 to nearly 200 people." 
Lynn Burdon - Partner, Bolt Burdon

“We have worked with Lubbock Fine for a number of years and have found them to provide a consistently high-quality and professional service. Their team has provided excellent support and adapted to our changing needs as The Death Penalty Project has expanded and evolved.” The Death Penalty Project.

“We at GuideStar International have engaged Lubbock Fine as our auditor for several years, with different leads and partners within Lubbock Fine over that time in charge of our audits. This has successfully ensured we have always remained compliant with all HMRC and Charity Commission regulations, ensuring our audits are thorough and our management and Board governance meet the sector’s best standards, whilst also ensuring fresh eyes maintain a vigilant audit of our work and complacency around legal compliance never sets in. Lubbock fine have helped guide us through the changes in regulations for “small” (small cost base wise not impact wise!) charities over that period and worked with us through our own evolution which has seen changes in our own management and governance in that time. We have always appreciated Lubbock Fine’s staff’s diligence and ever available advice and expertise.” Jon Toomer, GuideStar International

"We have worked closely with Lubbock Fine for a number of years. They have demonstrated first class professional competence, strong understanding of our area of activity and we have been able to make improvements to our business as a result of their advice." Richard Bills, European College of Business and Management

"I have been aware for several years of the positive reputation that Lubbock Fine has in auditing charitable organisations, and their understanding of the challenges faced by charities, particularly in the performing arts. So it was a natural choice to approach them to be the auditors of Chineke and we have been delighted with the diligent work that they have done in auditing the figures for this first year of our activities." Stephen Carpenter, Chineke Foundation

"Lubbock Fine is a reliable firm that does what my company needs it to."
Mark Chaplin, Altorfer Financial Management Ltd

"The team at Lubbock Fine is very professional at meeting our company's needs." 
Catriona Vine, Democratic Progress Institute (DPI) 

"Lubbock Fine provides us with great expertise and fantastic personal service."
Toy Odiakosa, ELA (Consulting) Limited

"In the last four years, our business has grown tremendously with excellent support from Lubbock Fine during this period of expansion. We enjoy a very good working relationship with the firm and the team does a first class job. In particular, they are able to meet our strict group reporting deadline every year for the annual audit and they work harmoniously with our group auditor in Hong Kong. They're also proactive in advising us on expatriate taxation issues and their audit team is always friendly and efficient during fieldwork and the resulting follow up."
Xiaoyue Shi, Lee Kum Kee (Europe) Ltd 

"We have a long standing relationship with Lubbock Fine, based on trust, value and respect."
Shelagh O'Connor, New Horizon Youth Centre Limited

"Lubbock Fine gives us excellent advice, delivered in a very unstuffy and understandable way."
George Stiles, NLK Productions Limited 

“I initially contacted Pankaj Shah for specific tax advice as tax was increasingly becoming an issue I needed to address. Having met Pankaj, and with the stage my business was at, I felt confident to move my business lock, stock and barrel to the firm, as I felt that Lubbock Fine could be of tremendous help to me – which indeed they have proved to be.”
Prakash Mashru, Pharma Healthcare

"Lubbock Fine has been instrumental in changing the way we operate. One hugely valuable aspect of working with Jeff Gitter is that he has introduced us to lots of other excellent professional advisors. We’re particularly delighted with the relationship we’ve established with our new bank, which is in a different league to our previous bankers. It’s also good to have the security of knowing that Lubbock Fine are very tolerant and will badger me about paperwork until I get the right things done."
John Thornhill, Pix Bars 

"The Lubbock Fine team is always attentive, responsive, proactive and has helped us through some particularly difficult professional and personal tax issues. They’re really professional and they never say ‘no’. They have a great ‘can do’ attitude, and when we needed help with some business based overseas, through their international network, Russell Bedford International, they were even able to do that too."
Mark Stringer, Pretty Green 

"Through the Lubbock Fine team headed by partners Mark Turner and Lee Facey, we receive a really reliable, consistent approach which has led to a great understanding of our business. Lubbock Fine has real gravitas and offers a ‘hands on’ feel. Informal advice is always available and easily accessible with a human touch."
Carlo Banchero, Radici Plastics UK Ltd 

"Lubbock Fine is small enough to give relevant personal advice but big enough to give a high level of expertise."
David Kenton, Rigby and Peller 

"Lubbock Fine is a dynamic firm - always moving and adapting to meet the changing needs of my company."
Joe Hoffland, Rygard Limited

"Lubbock Fine provides a very efficient, expert service in a user-friendly manner."
Gerard Cunningham, Thornsett Group plc