Jeff Gitter


Jeff Gitter Profile Picture


Former senior partner Jeff Gitter is a specialist on issues relating to the medical profession, media, restaurant and leisure industries.

During his professional career, Jeff held a number of trusteeships and executorships for private clients, some of which continue to this day.

He applied his wide-ranging experience to business consulting and strategic planning in all aspects of clients’ day to day management and operations.

For private clients and executorships/trusteeships, his objectives are not only to ensure that the terms of his appointments are properly implemented but also to help protect beneficiaries from stress in what may be difficult times.


Jeff's interests include wine, food (cooking and eating), travelling and a 50+ year passion for the work of Bob Dylan. Having been allergic to exercise for most of his life, Jeff took up running (with a vengeance!) later in life and now fully streamlined, he regularly runs for pleasure. During his time with the firm, Jeff participated in a number of challenging charity runs including the Thunder Run, Lightning Run, Run the Thames and the Standard Chartered Great City race all of which raised significant sums.