Geoff Goodyear


Geoff Goodyear Profile Picture


Geoff is an international tax planning specialist with substantial experience of international businesses and their operations. His background provides a broad perspective when considering clients’ affairs, whether they are owner-managed businesses or global enterprises, and often leads to innovative solutions to business problems. Geoff’s expertise extends to solving complex inter-jurisdictional tax problems for high net worth individuals wishing to leave or become a resident of the UK or other countries.

Having previously worked in Moscow, Prague, Istanbul and Riga when Lubbock Fine had offices in those regions, he also oversaw the setting up of our Dubai office.

Geoff held the post of managing partner from 2000 until 2010 during which he oversaw the rapid growth of the firm. From 2010 until 2014, he was the firm's senior partner. Having retired as a partner in November 2014, Geoff now works as a consultant.

As the former chairman of Russell Bedford International, a global network of independent accounting firms, Geoff developed a unique network of overseas professional colleagues.


He is a jazz loving, keen tennis player who also enjoys worldwide travel and spending time with his family.