VAT accounting services and advice

Introduction to Lubbock Fine’s experience of VAT accounting

At Lubbock Fine, VAT accounting and VAT services are in our DNA. We’ve been providing specialist VAT accounting services to our clients over many years and we offer an unparalleled service to ensure that all VAT matters are efficiently and cost effectively managed. This is a thorny area of tax that it’s critical to get right and one where real savings, affecting your bottom line, can be made. The penalties levied by HMRC if you get it wrong can be punitive.

Lubbock Fine’s VAT accounting services

We provide our clients with a wide range of VAT services, across and beyond all VAT accounting, from compliance (VAT registration, VAT return, EC Sales List and Intrastat preparations and submissions), to matters of a more complex nature such as the VAT accounting implications of real estate transactions, construction of buildings, international supply of goods and services, financial services, electronically supplied services and more. We really understand VAT, where the pitfalls lie and where opportunities exist for making this tax work, for rather than against you. VAT is widely acknowledged to be the most complex UK tax and it’s vital to have professionals, who are experts in dealing with it, on your team.

Key advice for clients on VAT accounting

The VAT registration threshold is currently £85,000 per annum, above which businesses and sole traders need to register for and account for VAT. However, it is worth noting that if you are a non-established UK business, liable to pay UK VAT on your supplies, (for example if you are a US based business that owns and supplies certain real estate in the UK), there is no applicable VAT registration threshold and you will need to register for VAT, ensuring that you have VAT accounting in place, as soon as you make a supply. Also, if you are to hit the VAT registration threshold in a single 30 day period, there is no VAT registration threshold. Identifying and solving potential problems in good time is guaranteed to save you money in the long run. Don’t delay, now’s the time to take advantage of our VAT Profile Review (see below).

Why choose Lubbock Fine’s VAT accounting services?

VAT has a way of making an impact on almost all businesses.  Even if (for whatever reason) you’re exempt from paying it, you’re likely to still suffer paying it on your costs. With UK VAT at 20% and potential penalties of up to 100% of the tax if you get it wrong, VAT is a serious matter. Don’t get caught in the VAT net, speak to us about all and any of your VAT accounting services without delay.

Lubbock Fine's VAT Profile Review

The Lubbock Fine VAT Accounting Services Profile Review is designed as a review of your VAT liabilities and VAT return processes. We can provide a review of your VAT profile to guarantee compliance and that VAT treatments and liabilities are correct. We will ensure all potential savings are being made which could make a real difference to your bottom line.

You can download our VAT Accounting Services Profile Review flyer here to find out more.

VAT factsheets

We produce a number of free VAT factsheets which can be downloaded from our taxation factsheets page.