International tax planning services and advice

International tax and offshore tax and expatriate tax planning

Lubbock Fine chartered accountants specialise in international tax planning. We provide bespoke international tax advice and expatriate tax planning assistance to a broad range of clients.

All cross border transactions have a tax implication. While these can be relatively straightforward requiring little specialist consideration, once presence is established in a foreign jurisdiction matters become much more complex, often resulting in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities for mitigation. Specialist international tax advice is therefore essential.

International tax mitigation through structuring

Inter-jurisdictional tax matters call for expert international tax advice obtained in several countries. Through our Russell Bedford International network, we are able to co-ordinate and provide the relevant expertise to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed structures. In addition, as international tax advisors, we are able to assist clients to co-ordinate and plan their future wealth retention in order to minimise direct taxation on personal income and capital. Such offshore tax planning can include the implementation of suitable offshore tax structures.

Expatriate tax service

We regularly advise clients on expatriate tax issues for executives and employees being transferred to or from the UK. Often the inbound executive will be non-domiciled in the UK, so careful offshore tax planning by expert international tax accountants is needed to minimise tax burdens.

We have produced a leaflet about our Tier 1 Investor Visa services which may be of interest and can be downloaded here.

We also have some helpful factsheets which can be downloaded here.