Financial reporting and corporate audit services for businesses

Auditing and financial reporting are both traditionally at the core of our business. They are central requirements to many clients and for larger businesses both are statutory requirements. Every UK company is obliged to file a set of accounts and this is a process where we can really add value for our clients. While audit is no longer a statutory requirement for some small and medium sized businesses, many of them opt for a voluntary audit in order to keep a firm grip on their financial position. Whether your audit is a legal requirement or a voluntary undertaking, as with everything we do, the audit process at Lubbock Fine is based upon adding value. 

Corporate auditing

Many business managers perceive the preparation of annual financial statements and the audit as a necessary evil. We prefer to view and use these as diagnostic tools helping to identify contentious issues that in turn enable us to logically address any potential problems with realistic and practical solutions. Very often the audit process provides an ideal opportunity to identify areas that may lead to improvements in efficiency and profitability.

Our skilled and impartial advisers take an objective view of the business fulfilling the statutory requirements while providing incisive, constructive advice.

International business reporting

In response to growing demand from international clients, Lubbock Fine continues to prepare a variety of business reports for both profit and not for profit organisations across a number of international jurisdictions. These include corporate and consolidated financial statements, corporate profiles and management systems reviews. Our reports are compiled in accordance with both local and international standards and regulations.

Specialist audits

All specialist audits are highly regulated with strict procedures and reporting requirements. Accordingly, in-depth knowledge and technical expertise is vital. This is why the skill and experience that Lubbock Fine has carefully built in this area has so often proved crucial to clients. These audits cover solicitors, estate agents, financial services institutions, charities and pension schemes.