Capital allowances UK services and advice

Our bespoke capital allowances service uses a combination of tax, surveying and property expertise to save money for our clients by identifying and maximising relief claims.

With most other forms of tax relief being squeezed or capped, now is the time to make sure that you have claimed all the relief you can.  This applies to anyone with commercial property and some residential schemes including:

  • owner occupiers
  • high net worth individuals
  • property investment companies
  • tenants
  • landlords

In fact, we frequently find that a detailed review of historic property costs results in a tax repayment.

Most of our work involves analysis of property costs and negotiating relief with the tax authorities. Additionally, we can prepare capital allowances reports, carry out cost segregation for other jurisdictions and due diligence in advance of a sale or purchase, as well as offering strategic advice. 

We offer a quick and reliable service with a proactive approach that involves minimal client disruption, with our fees aligned to actual tax savings.  The value of any claim is enhanced through:

  • our extensive property and land valuation knowledge
  • quantity surveying assessments undertaken where cost information is incomplete
  • tax legislation and case law knowledge to extract the more unusual qualifying items
  • fully disclosed detailed reports to mitigate future enquiry risks

If you have commercial property interests, there could be cost savings to be made. Why not give us a call on 020 7490 7766 to arrange a free initial assessment?

Free factsheets

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