TV and film production accounting services

You probably wouldn’t go to a documentary maker to produce a daytime quiz show. Following that logic, it’s important to choose an accountant with the right expertise in your sector.

We’ve been working with television production companies for the last 30 years and we know your industry inside out.

We help our clients by establishing systems to make their lives easier, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best - producing content.

A taster of what we do for our TV production clients is:

  • Work with production accountants and design systems / tailored accounting packages, enabling the client to see a report showing the costs per production for the year
  • Work with your office manager to design bespoke templates to record office expenditure and import it into the accounting package thereby speeding up basic bookkeeping
  • Design a means of consolidating standard production budgets and cost reports which enables fully integrated accounts to be prepared and reported back to management
  • Advise upon current issues surrounding employment related PAYE and NIC tax issues and find solutions that minimise client risks
  • Recruit bookkeepers, act as a quasi financial director and/or recruit full time financial controllers 
  • Examine business structures and streamline systems for increased tax efficiency

But there’s so much to talk about. If you’d like to know what we could do for your business, please contact us for a chat or a free, initial meeting.