Real Estate and Property Development Accounting Services

Introduction to Lubbock Fine’s experience of property development and construction business accounting

We have a long history as property development and construction business accountants which is one of the reasons that we know quite so much about the industry. It’s a challenging market place where the best advice isn’t just desirable, it’s critical. Despite continued fluctuations and uncertainty in the market, opportunities always exist for those with excellent knowledge, experience, judgment and support from the right professional advisors.

Key advice for clients looking for property development and construction company accountants

The best advice we can offer is to do your research, decide what you need and then talk to us.  There really is no-one else out there who understand the market better than we do and no other property development accountants who would add greater value to your business than us.  For an initial, no obligation chat, please contact

Why choose Lubbock Fine’s services for property development and construction business accounting?

At Lubbock Fine, we provide fully integrated and finely tuned business solutions.  With our vast understanding of the issues facing our clients, we are trusted advisors to a great number of entrepreneurial and owner-managed property development and construction businesses.  With a deep understanding of our clients’ business visions and personal ambitions, our collaborative approach delivers the best results.  

As well as statutory work, we are experts in the incorporation of new companies and the statutory affairs that flow from that, structuring of joint ventures and deals, property financing, reviewing capital allowances and ensuring that VAT matters are properly handled.

Our close links with property specialists, funds and trusts means that we can solve key issues to help achieve maximum results. And as a property business, we know that you need to meet changing legislative requirements and reduce your financial risks to achieve sustainable growth. 

Lubbock Fine’s services for property development and construction company accounting

In addition to the range of services we provide as specialist property development accountants, there are a number of additional areas we can assist our property developer and construction company clients including:

Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”)

Advice on whether clients are obliged to register for CIS and compliance services including the preparation of CIS returns.


VAT on property developments can be a complex area both in terms of the rate of VAT to be charged by construction companies to determining whether input VAT incurred on a development can be recovered.[AN1] 

Offshore companies

Rules surrounding offshore developers of UK land have been tightened up significantly in the last few years, we can assist in reviewing existing structures to determine if they pose any significant tax risks.


We produce a range of property-related factsheets which can be downloaded here.

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