Overseas Investment Property Accounting Services and Advice

We have developed a specialist service as accountants and business advisors to international property investors.

Inward property investors to the UK have historically been attracted by thoughts of a stable and secure income return and the potential for medium to long term capital growth. Investments of this nature can also provide a hedge against inflation, be self-financing and enhance the return through leveraged acquisitions. We assist our clients, using our contacts with property consultants, in seeking properties that meet investment criteria which, in many cases, are capital growth.

Whilst the rewards can be huge, the historical vagaries of the property market are legend. Due to their complex nature, property transactions and the variety of ways in which property can be exploited needs very careful planning to maximise the return on investment.   

The tax treatment of gains on property transactions depends upon intention at the time of purchase and a property’s future use. We will advise you on the appropriate structure (which may involve an offshore company and/or trust) to ensure that tax legislation and the return on investment is maximised. These treatments have greatly increased in complexity since the introduction of non-residents’ capital gains tax from 6 April 2015.

In addition to the range of services we provide as specialist property accountants there are a number of related areas where we can assist overseas property investors including:

Non-resident landlord tax returns

We can assist you in registering with HM Revenue and Customs as non-resident landlords to ensure that all rent paid by UK managing agents can be paid without the deduction of withholding tax. In addition we can help in the preparation of non-resident landlord returns.

Annual tax on enveloped dwellings (“ATED”)

We will prepare your ATED returns including advice on whether any of the exemptions to ATED might apply.

Non-residents capital gains tax

 We provide advice on non-residents capital gains tax including the most tax efficient method of calculation and the interaction with ATED. We also prepare non-residents capital gains tax returns.