Mushtak Macci retires

Lubbock Fine, 25 April 2019

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After forty-two years with Lubbock Fine, Mushtak Macci retired at the end of 2018. In fact, he’d semi-retired some time before that but was still making regular appearances in the office.

Having originally joined the firm from The Revenue, he’d wanted to try out working in the private sector for a while. That trial turned into a lifetime career. The partners all agree that The Revenue’s loss was very much our gain. “Not only has Mushtak been an amazing member of our team but he’s also a wonderful person whom it’s been a real pleasure getting to know over all these years” said partner, Naresh Shah.

Mushtak first role was to work in what was then, the arts and media department or “entertainers” as it was then known. At that time, he was housed in a satellite office in the Finchley Road at Swiss Cottage. The firm soon realised that Mushtak was a living breathing Google of tax, always knowledgeable and if he didn’t have an immediate answer, he knew where to go to get one.

Mushtak said: “After four decades and two years (but who’s counting?), I have been overwhelmed by the immense graciousness of all of my colleagues” said Mushtak. “Not only have I had the warmest farewell and tremendously thoughtful gifts, but I am indebted to have generated such unprecedented respect from all corners of the firm. To the partners, colleagues and clients alike, my amazing journey has been a whirlwind of inspiration that leaves me with memories to last an eternity.”

We feel sure that all of our clients who have had contact with Mushtak over the years will join us all at Lubbock Fine in wishing him a long and happy retirement, much joy from his new grandson and unending pleasure on the golf course.