90 years of Lubbock Fine: Team reflections

Lubbock Fine, 1 May 2019

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As the firm celebrates it’s 90th anniversary, some of our long-standing colleagues reflect on their experiences. 

Richard Sloan – Tax Manager

“Moving to beautiful St Paul’s puts me in my third Lubbock Fine building over the 32 years I’ve been with the firm. Lubbock Fine’s been around since Herbert Hoover was the 31st USA president and Mrs Thatcher was still PM when I joined. Lots has changed over the years. When I joined there was no self-assessment, the Inland Revenue had a much more laissez-faire approach to personal tax – every tax return was filed with no entries, just TBA written on every page – we didn’t even have a computer in the tax department for my first two years. Letters were typed on a typewriter and international communications were via telex. Whilst the working environment has become increasingly complex, the firm’s culture and environment has only improved over time. I have lots to be thankful for, including having met my wife at work and making a number of really good friends.”

Angela O’Mahony – Manager, Business Services Group

“I joined the firm in 1989 where I was housed in an overflow building across the road from the main Bedford Row offices. To meet with a partner, I had a long journey including four flights of stairs and a road crossing to navigate – whatever the weather. And then back again. Up to five or six times per day. There were no computers and accounts were typed from handwritten drafts on electric typewriters. These days we’re all on one floor and I don’t really need to leave my desk. All files are available on my computer screen. Now it’s all much more streamlined. We process the information at our computers and accounts are automatically generated, instantly updated and ready for emailing to clients without a single piece of paper being used. That’s progress for you.”

Shoma Chakraborty – Business Services Group 

“I vividly remember my interview back in September 1997. My appointment with Jeff Gitter was delayed after I took the wrong turn at Angel station! I called to say that I was running late and hoped that Jeff would be understanding. The rest is history.
Much has changed in the last 21 years. We’ve moved offices and gone paperless….or at least, almost. And I’m not complaining about now having two computer screens.
I’ve seen lots of faces come and go during this time. It’s been interesting getting to know everyone and the firm’s diversity has been uplifting and culturally enriching, my two decades have flown by. Our work is all about the clients and I feel I’ve built good relationships with many of them. It is this which makes my working life so rewarding and fulfilling.”

Hasmukh Vara – Senior Manager, Corporate Services

“I joined Lubbock Fine in 1987, predominantly to deal with overseas clients. In 1992 I was involved in establishing our corporate administration department and it was this that launched my long term career. Working mainly with Geoff Goodyear and Naresh Shah, and experiencing their energy and drive, has always inspired and encouraged me to work hard and do well. By having faith in me to get on with my work, without interference, they helped me to develop confidence and accrue valuable experience in dealing with clients, and other professional advisors, from all parts of the world. It’s gratifying that I continue to work with many clients who I’ve known and become friends with since 1987. The firm has always been encouraging and supportive and this, coupled with friendly colleagues, makes Lubbock fine a great place to work, a fact that is backed up by the firm’s growth in recent years.”