The VAT recovery for cladding replacement

The Government has announced that developers will be responsible for, and need to bear the cost of, replacement cladding.

Introducing Lubbock Fine’s four new partners

We’re delighted to announce that Lubbock Fine has promoted four new partners, with effect from 1 December 2021.

HMRC cracks down on employment tax avoidance and fraudulent COVID-19 claims

Although the majority of HMRC staff are working from home, the department is under intense pressure to increase the number of enquires it carries out.

Autumn Budget 2021: our summary

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak presented his third Budget on 27 October 2021. In his speech, he set out plans to “build back better”, with ambitions to level up and reduce regional inequality.

Autumn Budget 2021: seven initial takeaways

On 27 October 2021, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his second budget of the year, which combined the annual spending review and some limited targeted tax measures.

4 things you need to know about the CGT 30 day reporting legislation

Since HMRC’s introduction of the new 30 day reporting legislation for Capital Gains Tax (CGT) (click

Charity fraud: do you have the basics covered?

Businesses have faced many challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but one which has especially impacted charitable organisations is the increasing risk of fraud, in particular cybercrime.

Economic Crime Levy: what it means for your business

The Economic Crime Levy was introduced in the 2020 Budget, as a method of raising £100 million per year to fund the 2019 Economic Crime Plan and tackle money laundering.

HMRC begins to target the football industry for underpaid tax

As the COVID-19 support measures begin to end, HMRC continue their investigations for unpaid tax. One area that seems to have caught HMRC’s eye is the sports sector, and in particular the football industry.

What is inflation and should we worry about it?

The Consumer Prices Index rose by 3.2% between August 2020 and August 2021, marking the highest level of inflation we have seen in the UK for almost nine years. But what exactly does this mean for your finances?

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