10 reasons to become an accountant

10 reasons to become an accountant

Long gone are the days when becoming an accountant was considered a dull and boring career.  With constant advancements in the industry, becoming an accountant has never provided individuals with such vibrant and exciting opportunities as it does today.  Director, Rebecca Bryant reflects on the top reasons we are proud to be accountants. 

1. Variety of industries 

No day is the same.  

In any given day you could be working with clients in hospitality, the charity sector or financial services to name a few.  As a mid-tier firm, we work with clients across a wide variety of industries.  This exposure to different sectors, systems and processes keeps the job exciting.   

2. No need to go to university  

Accountancy provides great career opportunities for people of all levels and you don’t need a degree to get started.  We take on a number of apprentices each year, who have the opportunity to train for their accountancy qualifications whilst working.  It’s a great option for those that aren’t sure if university is for them but are still keen to get into the industry. 

3. Always learning 

Completing your accountancy exams isn’t where the journey ends.  Audit and tax are constantly evolving, which means we are constantly learning.  This keeps the job interesting and challenging.  At our essence, accountants are problem solvers and there is nothing we love more than getting stuck into a puzzle! 

4. Client relationships 

Building strong, lasting relationships with our clients must be one of the most rewarding elements of our role.  Whether that means guiding businesses through their highs and lows, or simply being a friendly face to bounce ideas off, we hope to become a trusted adviser and work closely with all our clients. 

5. International experience 

As part of a global network ‘Russell Bedford International’, we have the opportunity to work with fellow accountants and clients worldwide.  This allows us to provide our clients with support no matter where in the world their business takes them, as well as providing our team with the chances to build and develop relationships with their overseas colleagues. 

6. Insight into how businesses work 

As accountants we get to delve into the core of how businesses operate.  Gaining exposure to systems across numerous industries and ranging client sizes gives you a real insight into what it takes for a business to be successful – helping you cultivate a deep sense of business acumen. 

7. Not all about the numbers 

Contrary to common belief, numbers only represent a small part of the work we do.  An accountant’s main role is to explain the story around the numbers, so that any client can understand the position they and their business are in. While a grasp of maths is useful, tools like Excel are there to assist us. 

 8. Technology 

Speaking of Excel, this isn’t the only software that we use.  The accounting industry is full of technological advancements that we’re already using or looking to use in our work.  For example, we’re already using intelligent automation platforms to reduce the time our teams take on the more repetitive tasks. This in turns frees up more time to add value to our clients elsewhere. With technology such as AI within our sights, it’s exciting to think where the industry could be 5 years from now.   

9. Brilliant teams 

People are at the heart of our business. We are proud to have a fantastic team of staff who are experts in their fields.  We strive to provide a supportive and collaborative environment which provides the perfect landscape for any trainee accountant to learn and develop in.   

10. Transferable skills 

Becoming an accountant equips you with valuable transferable skills, from strong communication and organisational abilities to critical thinking and problem-solving. These skills not only make you a versatile accountant but also prepare you for opportunities in various sectors. 

The modern accounting profession is anything but mundane. Everyday offers new challenges, opportunities and a chance to make a difference in the world of finance and business.  

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