Retirement planning UK

Retirement planning is arguably one of the most important areas of financial planning and guidance on the available options is crucial.

LFWM advises on all aspects of retirement and related advice, including the most tax efficient ways to invest, understanding the various options at retirement, managing income post retirement and consolidation, where appropriate, of multiple schemes. This is designed to provide a wider choice of investment and can ensure that your residual pension fund on death passes to your chosen beneficiaries.

Our retirement planning service includes:

  • Pension accumulation
  • Post retirement planning
  • Tax efficient wrappers (SIPP, SSAS)
  • Safeguarding pension on death
  • Cashflow modelling

Sound financial planning helps to ensure that you achieve your long term goals and meet your future income needs on retirement.

Individuals have many options when taking benefits from their pension funds at retirement. LFWM provides guidance on the range of options available, including annuities, income drawdown and phased retirement. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each is key in order to create an appropriate solution that meets your objectives.

Pension review

Ultimately individuals want to know that their savings will provide enough income and capital at retirement. Consequently, pension plans should be reviewed periodically to avoid a shortfall on retirement.

LFWM provides a pension review service that helps clients to manage their pension plans on the most efficient basis. We seek to understand our clients’ income and expenditure requirements to ensure future needs can be met.

This service includes:

  • Projecting future pension values
  • Analysing costs
  • Investment performance
  • Overall asset allocation
  • Contributions
  • Death nominations
  • Trusts
  • Managing pension lifetime allowance

We work to ensure that we dovetail all our advice by taking maximum advantage of all available tax efficient schemes where appropriate.

Pensions - a game changer

The Government’s announcement on pensions is groundbreaking, and makes pensions arguably the most tax efficient investment of all, especially if used in conjunction with your investment, business and tax strategies. 

SSAS are regulated by the Pensions Regulator.