Specialist media accountants services and advice

We know that it is crucial for professional advisors to have specialist knowledge and understanding. Without the right expertise, the unwary can burn their fingers.

As specialist media accountants, we work with record
and publishing companies, independent television channels, television production companies, film and television facilities companies, film distribution companies and agents/management.

We also act as media accountants for a number of high profile personalities. As well as providing the general accounting
and tax services that you would expect from an expert media accountant, we provide specialist media tax advice and advise clients on new ventures by drawing upon our extensive understanding of the sector. 

The rewards of success are considerable but along the way, the challenges can be tough. Over the past 30 years, we have firmly established a reputation for working very successfully for a variety of organisations and individuals in this arena.

Our services range from building systems to generating strategies for the management and development of your business. Assisting with business planning and strategic reviews, we can make expert, workable recommendations. 

We understand that tax planning is a key requirement for many clients and we will help you to plan to minimise the tax burden your business faces. Our extensive range of services includes personal tax planning, international tax services and VAT consultancy.

In our role as media accountants, we are also able to advise you in managing the growth of your business and if you’re considering buying or selling a business, we are ideally placed to make recommendations and work with you for a successful outcome.

Alongside these, we are also experienced in acting as a ‘business coach’ to enable talented management to step outside of the day to day running of their business in favour of taking a more strategic overview.

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