Pretty Green - client profile

Lubbock Fine client Mark Stringer, founder of PrettyGreen, describes himself as a contradiction.

“On the one hand, I love the small nimbleness of being in start-up mode and in a honeymoon period. I’d love that not to change. On the other hand, there’s a sense that one might be able to conquer the world with all that it can bring. So it’s a challenge to hang onto that fun, start-up feeling whilst growing and expanding the company.”

As an independent brand incubator for entertainment, lifestyle, blue-chip and start-up brands, PrettyGreen brings brands and ideas to life. Formed on American Independence Day in 2008, Mark Stringer had got to a point in life where, well, he needed some independence. Working for other people meant that he couldn’t do what he really wanted to but to do things differently and have a hand in creating his own brands meant leaving the security of a job and setting up a new business. Creating brands required funding and he hit upon the idea of forming a brand incubator.

“Incubating a brand means looking after it and nurturing it to make it grow and flourish,” he explains. “Bring that brand and those ideas to life and people will buy in.”

The brand incubation concept extends to the company’s own set up. When internally focused, it involves nurturing their own people and helping them to develop. This has the effect of generating great ideas and Mark Stringer believes that everyone has those within them.

“If our people’s enthusiasm and passion can be harnessed and used within, that’s far preferable to losing them when they go off to create their own venture. If we can actually incubate our own people, this makes it a great place to be.” PrettyGreen’s work over the last three years for clients such as Nando’s, Red Bull, Sony Ericsson and various Cadbury products would seem to bear out his business theory.

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