Lubbock Fine's charity of the year 2016 will be Teach A Man to Fish

We are delighted to announce that Teach a Man to Fish has been chosen by our staff as Lubbock Fine's charity of the year for 2016.

Teach a Man to Fish aims to tackle youth unemployment and poverty through education. It works with schools in countries including Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and India, to set up school businesses as diverse as car mechanic workshops, egg production and handicrafts. In turn, students learn both business and entrepreneurial skills as well as generating much-needed income for schools.

During the next year, we will be working hard to raise as much money as possible for Teach a Man to Fish's work specifically in Uganda.

The charity is aiming to bring its annual global competition, the School Enterprise Challenge, to more young people in Uganda so that they can gain first-hand experience of planning, setting up and running a real business. With almost 200 schools in Uganda registering each year for the competition, Ugandan schools are showing their commitment to practical entrepreneurship education more than ever.

We are looking forward to working with the team at Teach a Man to Fish and to raising as much money as possible through a wide variety of fundraising activities.