The Lubbock Fine team is raising money for charity

Run like lightning  

As part of our charity fundraising efforts, this year, our team nominated Teach a Man to Fish as our charity of the year.  With a mission to change the world through transforming education in developing countries, Teach a Man to Fish  works with schools to set up school businesses. These businesses are both educational and profitable – teaching students business and entrepreneurial skills, and generating much-needed income for schools.

On 1 May 2016 as one of our fundraising activities, a group of seventeen hardy, fit and well trained Lubbock Finers will run the twelve-hour Lightning Run relay race.  Teams of 5 will run consecutive laps of 10k continuously for a twelve-hour period.  We are entering 3 separate teams and then, as we have managed to find two people crazy enough to do it, we are also entering one team of two who will run the course alternately for twelve hours.  We wish them luck with that one!

The Uganda trail

As further punishment, on 5 June 2016, our HR manager Bryony Digby and Matthew Green, senior manager, will be taking to the Ugandan trail to run 26.2 miles to raise as much money as possible for our fantastic charity.

We’re looking for sponsorship! Any amount you can spare, however small, would help.  If you would like to donate, please go to