Client profile: Lee Kum Kee

Lubbock Fine client Lee Kum Kee (LKK) is the global leader in Chinese sauce. Ask any Chinese restaurant or professional Chinese chef around the world and they will more than likely be using this company’s premium sauces in their kitchens. 

When the company was looking to change auditor in 2008, Lubbock Fine was invited to tender as Lee Kum Kee’s finance manager knew, and had worked with, one of Lubbock Fine’s audit seniors.

"It was clear from early discussions with Lee Kum Kee that the one key requirement from their audit was the ability to meet the strict deadlines imposed by the group auditor in Hong Kong. In working with them we have taken the time to understand their systems and processes to ensure the work we carry out for them is as efficient as possible with the minimum disruption to their accounts department. We also aim to ensure that we make the audit count as a platform for providing further advice," said Mark Turner.

Finance manager, Xiaoyue Shi said, "In the last four years, our business has grown tremendously with excellent support from Lubbock Fine during this period of expansion. We enjoy a very good working relationship with the firm and Mark’s team does a first class job." She went on to say, "In particular, they are able to meet our strict group reporting deadline every year for the annual audit and work harmoniously with our group auditor in Hong Kong. They’re also proactive in advising us on expatriate taxation issues and their audit team is always friendly and efficient during fieldwork and the resulting follow up."

The birth of oyster sauce, which has greatly influenced Chinese cuisine, was purely coincidental. Back in the 1880s, its inventor, Lee Kum Sheung, was a farmer in Guangdong Province. Threatened by local gangsters, Lee left his hometown to open an eatery and then made his living by selling cooked oysters. Legend has it that one day he was cooking his oysters as usual but lost track of time until he smelled a strong aroma. Lifting the lid of the pot, he noticed that the normally clear oyster soup had turned into a thick, brownish sauce which  astonished him with a fragrant smell and a unique, delicious taste. He started to sell this new product which proved very popular. So, in 1888, he formed Lee Kum Kee to mass produce oyster sauce for sale.

Over the years, LKK has continued to innovate and build on its past successes. The single product line of over a century ago has expanded to more than 200 products, including soy sauces, XO sauce, chilli sauces, convenient ready-to-use sauces and condiments, cooking sauces and dipping sauces. Today, LKK is deservedly not only one of China’s most famous brands but also a leading international brand in sauces.

Production plants are spread globally from Hong Kong to China, the USA and southeast Asia. The production process is subject to rigorous and stringent monitoring, from sourcing raw materials down to final testing of the finished product to ensure that all the company’s products are stable and of the best quality. The production plants are accredited with many globally recognised marks.

Due to a strategy of aggressive expansion in Europe, LKK now has over 70 different, authentic Chinese sauces distributed in more than 20 European countries. In 2010, the company’s Double Deluxe Soy Sauce was awarded an industry 'Gold Award'. Seeing itself as very much a bridge for Eastern and Western culinary culture, the company also hosts various events and chef seminars to promote Chinese cuisine, culinary culture and skills around the world.

Lubbock Fine partner Andy Noton really likes the brand and commented, "Lee Kum Kee’s products are well known not just to the Chinese community but also to most keen cooks. Their oyster sauce had been a staple of my kitchen cupboard for many years before we acted for the company, so I was delighted when we won the audit."

Lee Kum Kee’s products are available at all good Chinese foods stores, as well as at most major supermarkets. Recipes and your nearest Chinese food store can be found at