Announcing our new managing partner

Lubbock Fine is pleased to announce the appointment of a new managing partner. Mark Turner takes over from Geoff Goodyear, who is relinquishing his day-to-day practice management responsibilities after 10 years at the helm.

By way of background

“By and large, we’ve had a pretty good run during the last 10 years,” says Mark, “and the firm’s developed enormously through good, vigorous management. In my view, the two main changes in the way we run our firm have been that first, we’ve moved from ‘partner led’ teams to ‘resource groups’ meaning that we now have the capacity of matching the right people to the right jobs – in effect, a free sharing of expertise within the firm. This means that if the contact partner doesn’t happen to be around, there will always be another partner or team member there and ready to assist clients. This has had the added benefit of career progression transparency so that our staff have a clear view of where they’re heading. Secondly, we now manage ourselves on a far more corporate basis rather than as a traditional partnership, with decision making delegated to a smaller number of people.

“One of our biggest advantages is that we have a great, well-established brand. We’re very well known, well structured internally and have a great team of staff, all of which contributes to an exceptionally high quality of service delivery. It’s really all about the depth of our ever growing knowledge and expertise which allows us to service clients of all shapes and sizes and at all the various stages of their business life cycle.”

Recent changes

“The firm continues to expand through the growth of our existing clients and by acquiring increasing numbers of good quality clients both in the UK and overseas, the overseas development being aided by our international network Russell Bedford International (RBI). We now have an excellent platform, in terms of staff and structure, to continue to build our client base, to support existing clients and to maximise and create opportunities wherever they exist.

“A significant change is the way new technology now affects everything we do. Today, much of our new business comes directly through the website and whilst all the traditional new business routes still have their place, rather like most retailers out there, our biggest ‘shop window’ is now the internet. Fully embracing changes in technology and the significance of social media are amongst the challenges that lie ahead. We’re moving very rapidly with the times because we’re mindful that our next generation of clients and staff will have grown up with all this technology, so we need to adapt the way we work to suit them. As an example, the next phase of our new document management system allows for a client portal, which we’re working towards rolling out sometime next year. Due to data protection we have to be careful with what we email out to clients, however, the portal will allow clients to log in and, for instance, take a look at their tax return and other confidential material. But fear not, for the foreseeable future, if you prefer to receive letters in the traditional mail, we’ll still be doing that too!”

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