Technology can add to your restaurant's bottom line

By Jeff Gitter

One of the problems that many restaurants have historically had is finding a way of seamlessly and speedily recording their transactions without spending huge amounts of time moving data from one system to another.

However, there is now software that integrates EPOS (electronic point of sale – that’s your ordering system) with iPads at one end, and with online financial accounting software at the other. What this means for restaurants is that whatever is punched in at the point of order is automatically transferred straight to ‘the books’ so that the work and cost involved in providing your accountants with meaningful information is considerably reduced.

It’s a system that has been successfully used by our restaurant clients and has proved incredibly popular. It’s a win-win situation – efficiency is increased whilst cost is reduced.

This is just a snapshot of some of the ways we’ve been helping restaurants increase their bottom line.

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