Revised tax rules for orchestras

By Russell Rich

There’s music for the ears of orchestras with the details of a new tax relief for orchestral performances, as first outlined in the Autumn Statement.

Broadly, the changes are as follows.

  1.  In a more flexible definition of ‘orchestral performance’, tax relief will now be available to orchestras where the majority of performances have at least 12 players from a minimum of one of the woodwind, string, brass and percussion sections (this used to be 14 or more performers and four instrumental sections).
  2. The exclusion of pop and rock music from the relief is revised as it was seen to restrict the repertoire of some orchestras.  Orchestras’ claims must now exclude pop and rock from ‘most’ instead of ‘all’ performances in order to qualify.
  3. The Government will now provide tax relief at a flat rate of 25% for all qualifying costs instead of the previously different rates for touring and non-touring performances.

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