New client, new restaurant concept

By Jeff Gitter

On Friday 19th June, several of us from Lubbock Fine attended one of the “soft openings” of our client’s new restaurant in London’s Soho.

The aptly named Balls & Company will be serving meatballs of all descriptions from their beautiful bespoke restaurant at 58 Greek Street.

Australian owner, chef, Australian Masterchef finalist and self-confessed anglophile, Bonny Porter, did her research and spotted a gap in the “reasonably priced restaurant” market in the UK. For the last year or so, she has been working hard to set up her restaurant in a foreign country, including finding and designing premises, planning the menu and all the hundreds of other things that go with opening a restaurant. 

With a July 1st formal opening date, the menu includes meatballs of all descriptions (beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian – so not all of them meat) served with a variety of delicious sauces, wines, beers and side orders.  If the soft opening was anything to go by, the restaurant promises to be very successful.

Interestingly, in The Times of 22 June 2015, an article headed “Fussy French dining is losing out to relaxed rioja and tapas” suggests that there is currently a transition away from formal French dining, with over 70% of those surveyed saying they now prefer more relaxed style meals where they can share plates with their friends rather than visit an intimidating, formal restaurant.

This bodes well for Bonny’s new style of restaurant as well as other informal restaurant clients of ours.

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