It’s good news for restaurants - but not so good for pubs

By Jeff Gitter

Well run restaurants continue to flourish at the expense of the pub trade. The UK restaurant sector turnover has risen 39% since 2010 (according to the Financial Times) with the sector now worth a staggering £21.6bn whilst the number of UK pubs continues to decline.

  • More of us are choosing to ‘eat out’ rather than going ‘for a drink’.
  • We may have ‘traded down’ during the recession but haven’t stopped eating out.
  • This has fuelled a boom in ‘fast casual’ chains which combine fast food with sit-down dining and provide hugely increased choice for the consumer.
  • Restaurants are likely to continue to be able to make hay whilst the deflation sun shines and consumers feel confident to spend more freely (FT, 19 May 2015).

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